Monday, December 3, 2012

Carrot Chips

I wasn't going to bother posting this because it's kind of a non-recipe (fry carrots, sprinkle with salt and you're done). But then I kept thinking about how much everyone loved these and thought it would be a real shame if I forgot they exist and never made them again. I fried them on Thanksgiving, before the turkey even went in to our fryer, and left them out in a bowl for my guests to nibble on. They were pretty much devoured by kids and adults alike. Big, big hit. I think I fried 8 or 9 large carrots (which filled a large bowl with a lot of ribbons and seemed like plenty). Next year, I'm buying the extra large bag.


large carrots
canola oil or other no-taste oil (I used coconut)
salt to taste

1.      Slice carrots lengthwise into thin ribbons using either a peeler or mandolin. Pat dry with paper towels.
2.      Pour enough oil into a large, deep pot or deep fryer to reach a depth of a few inches (the oil will bubble and splutter a little, so be careful). Heat oil to 375° F.
3.      Fry the carrot ribbons until crispy, about 3 to 4 minutes. Fry in batches if necessary (do not crowd the pot/fryer). Drain on paper towels.
4.      Sprinkle with salt while still hot. Let cool slightly before serving.

I didn't trust myself to use the mandolin
for this job (slicing carrots lengthwise is just too
close for my comfort). So I used a peeler and pressed
down hard to get the thickest possible ribbons.
The first ribbon is usually very thin,
but as you go, they get thicker.
carrot ribbon

You should blot these a little with paper towels, so
they're as dry as possible when you fry them (water
and hot oil don't mix). I didn't get an actual photo of
these in my turkey fryer because I didn't intend to post
this (I just ribboned the carrot above 5 minutes ago to
show you what it looks like)
. But trust me, they went in
to the fryer and then came out again a few minutes later.

fried and sprinkled with salt
(they shrink)

Obviously I did take a photo of the fried carrots
(but if I'd planned to post this, I would have
taken a better close up for you)
. Oh well.

crunchy, delightful carrot chips
(a little sweet and a little salty)

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