My favorite blog, The Bloggess (fyi: it has nothing to do with food)  In spite of being a blogger myself, I don't read many blogs. I just don't have much spare time. But I make time for The Bloggess. I might be a little bit in love with her.

 My Drunk Kitchen (videos)  Don't expect to learn how to cook. 

 My friend Elizabeth's recipe blog: Foodie, Formerly Fat  Read every morning by this foodie, currently fat.

 My go-to site for browsing recipes: Epicurious  A great database of recipes with tons of reviews (I love that).

 From The New York Times: Diner's Journal  Interesting recipes/food-related articles.

 How I keep up with the slang of the day: Urban Dictionary  For the tragically unhip like me (who don't get out much).

 To order Ethiopian spices  To order some hard to find Ethiopian spices and injera.

 To order peanut-free products  To order organic, peanut-free tree nuts (raw or roasted).  To order organic, peanut-free tree nut butters (also gluten-free).  To order a huge variety of peanut-free foods.

 For more information about food allergies

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