My teacher always said there are no dumb questions. I disagree, but I'll still answer you, so don't worry about it: susanbk@optonline.net

 Q:  Why Bloatal Recall?

A:  This blog was originally conceived to help me remember recipes. I brainstormed with my husband Chuck to find a good name that conveyed both cooking and/or eating and remembering. Chuck came up with Bloatal Recall as a joke. He said it. I loved it. I said I was going to use it. He said it was too disgusting for a food blog. I said it was just disgusting enough.

 Q:  Why did you stop being a vegetarian after so many years?

A:  When I was pregnant I became anemic.  My doctor prescribed me these giant iron pills that made me really sick (I'll spare you all the gory details). They also left the taste of metal in my mouth (it was really nasty). I tried eating more iron-rich vegetables, but it just wasn't enough. So one day I couldn't take the nausea anymore and told my husband I'd rather have a burger than suffer through that anymore. I still don't eat that much meat. I could easily revert back. Who knows, maybe one day Bloatal Recall will go vegetarian.

 Q:  Where do you sing?

A:  Mostly in my car, shower and kitchen (sorry if you thought I meant professionally).

 Q:  Hey, you deleted my comment...what gives?!

A:  It probably got caught in the spam filter. Either that or I deleted it because it contained spam-like material (like links to products from people who are trying to sell stuff to my readers). I don't mind if you put a link to promote your own blog, as long as it has something to do with my post. I also don't mind if you have something negative to say about a recipe. Just try not to be a jerk and I'll leave your comment there.

 Q:  I'm having trouble signing in, how do I post a comment on your blog?

A:  You should be able to comment even if you're not signed in.  At the very bottom of each post there's a spot that says (in blue) how many comments there are.  If you click on that, a window pops up where you can fill in your comment.  Then just below that window, where you type in your comment, there's a pop-up that says "Comment as:"  If you click on the little arrow you should be able to choose "Anonymous" at the bottom.  That allows anyone to comment, even if they're not signed in.  And if you are signed in, then you can choose "Google Account" (or whatever option applies to you) and your name will show when you make your comment.  Of course even if your comment is labeled from "Anonymous", you can still sign it with your name if you want to.  I hope that helps!