Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ball Whisk

I haven't been cooking up anything new this week, so it feels like a good time for a favorite things post...and I can't think of a kitchen utensil more deserving of the honor than the ball whisk. Maybe you already own (and no doubt love) one, but just in case, I feel it's my duty to put it on your radar. Honestly, I can't even remember where I got mine. I don't know if it was a gift (sorry to whoever bought it for me if it was) or if I picked it up myself, but all that really matters is I use it a lot. Why did I take a picture of it in front of the cat? Well, I thought it might help show the scale, but then I realized that you don't know how big my cat is, so that was a bad idea. But then I thought people love to look at cats on the internet, so I threw it up here anyway, even though Pierre was freaked out and quickly ran off, so the photo isn't even good.

So why do I love my ball whisk so much you ask? Thanks for asking. Let me count the reasons...I love it because:
1.   it whips/aerates faster than traditional whisks since the wires move independently
2.   it gets into the edges of pans and bowls
3.   the balls on the ends help break up and incorporate food bits
4.   clumps of food don't get stuck inside while you're whisking (like with balloon whisks)
5.   it's way easier to clean because you can separate the wires
6.   when other utensils get tangled in it inside your drawer, they're easily freed just by
separating the wires
7.   it looks cool
I guess my hand gives you an idea of the whisk's size, although
for all you know, I have freakishly large or small hands.

So there you have it. I love my ball whisk and I don't care who knows it. Also, I just realized that I should just measure it and it's 11 inches long. That would have been easier, but slightly less fun, than terrorizing the cat.
The ball whisk in action (making okonomiyaki).

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