Monday, May 2, 2011

Pan Seared Rib Eye with Blue Cheese-Shallot Butter

While I do think grilling is the best way to cook a big juicy rib eye, this method of pan searing is good for those of you who are grill deficient. It's also a good alternative for times when grilling isn't all that appealing, like during a wicked thunderstorm (as tasty as steak is, it's not really worth getting struck by lightening).

It's true, a good steak probably doesn't need any frills, but of course I added one anyway. We did slather our steaks with blue cheese-shallot butter, but I forgot to snap a photo. Sometimes when people are over for dinner, I get distracted and forget about the good people who read my blog (sorry). I'm sure you can use your imagination.

Making a compound butter is an easy, elegant way to add big flavor to vegetables or meats. This blue cheese-shallot butter is especially good with steak and corn-on-the-cob. And if you have any leftover, you can melt it into your mashed potatoes. Of course it's also delicious just spread on a good, hearty piece of bread. 


1 boneless rib eye steak, 1 1/2-inch thick
canola oil to coat
kosher salt and ground black pepper

1.      Place 10 to 12-inch cast iron skillet in oven and heat oven to 500º F. Bring steak(s) to room temperature.
2.      When oven reaches temperature, remove pan and place on range over high heat. Coat steak lightly with oil and season both sides with a generous pinch of salt. Grind on black pepper to taste.
3.      Immediately place steak in the middle of hot, dry pan. Cook 30 seconds without moving. Turn with tongs and cook another 30 seconds, then put the pan straight into the oven for 2 minutes. Flip steak and cook for another 2 minutes. (This time is for medium rare steaks. If you prefer medium, add a minute to both of the oven turns.)
4.      Remove steak from pan, cover loosely with foil, and rest for 2 minutes. Serve whole or slice thin and fan onto plate.

from Alton Brown
rib eye steaks (just look at that gorgeous marbling)
seared (before going in the oven)
ready to dig in



4 tablespoons unsalted butter, at room temperature
2 tablespoons chopped shallots
2 tablespoons crumbled creamy blue cheese, such as Maytag Blue
2 teaspoons chopped fresh parsley
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

Combine all ingredients in a bowl.  Blend until creamy and well mixed. Turn out onto a sheet of plastic wrap or waxed paper and form into a small log, about 1-inch in diameter. Cover and refrigerate until just firm, about 1 hour.

from Emeril Lagasse
beautiful blue cheese
chopped shallots
mixing it all together
well mixed
ready to roll
logged and wrapped

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Judie Cleland said...

I want it now! That is one of my favorites; hate to admit I'm still a meat lover. Can't wait to try it with the blue cheese shallot butter.

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