Monday, December 27, 2010

White Hot Chocolate Malted

Being snowed in isn't all bad, it inspired me to come up with a new hot drink that showcases one of my favorite flavors...malt. I've always felt malt was underrated, so I'm trying my best to create a little buzz. Hopefully you'll buy some malted milk powder next time you go grocery shopping and spread the word.

Being snowed in does have its disadvantages too (like I couldn't go out and buy cream to whip). So try to picture this mug topped with beautifully piped whipped cream and sprinkled with crushed candy canes. FYI: when you sprinkle the candy canes on without the whipped cream, they just fall to the bottom (not a good photo op).

Yield: 2-3 servings

4 cups milk
3/4 to 1 cup white chocolate chips (I'm sure dark chocolate would taste good too)
3 tablespoons malted milk powder
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
whipped cream (optional)
crushed candy canes (optional)

1.      Combine the milk and white chocolate in a medium saucepan over medium heat.  Stir until all the white chocolate has melted.
2.      Add the malted milk powder and whisk until completely dissolved.  Whisk in vanilla extract.
3.      Divide into 2 to 3 mugs (depends on the size of your mugs).  Top with whipped cream and crushed candy canes if desired.

my backyard

I think the official total was 19 inches, but it looks like more if you ask me
(that's not a grill, it's a flat table with snow piled on top)

 There was so much snow, my husband Chuck was able
to build a small hill in the backyard for sledding


Anonymous said...

You are right that malt is underrated. I'm waiting for the recipe for the malted milk chocolate cheese cake!

Jim said...

Looks good, but I was expecting to see the soup. Glad you all made it back safely--and that we didn't get all that snow!


Susan said...

I'll have to make that mocha malt cheese cake again before I can post it (no photos)! I'm sure I'll be able to conjure up an occasion.

Susan said...

Hi Jim,

I liked that soup a lot, but I wasn't sure it was blog worthy. Since you had some, if you say it's amazing, I'll post it.


Randi said...

The video is awesome. Especially love the giggle.

Judie Cleland said...

Maddie, I guess in "flat" New Jersey you have to make your own hills for sledding. Looks like a lot of fun.

Jim said...

Looks like fun!!! Did Chuck try it?

Susan said...

He didn't try it, although I would like to see that!

Jimmy aka Falcon (or is it Condor?) said...

Awesome video. Malt, eh? Is that like what's in malted milk balls? Maura loves 'em, me not so much. Happy New Year!

deedy said...

so jealous of your mountain of snow!! The boys would go crazy for that.... enjoy your malted hot cocoa!!

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