Friday, August 12, 2011

Bell & Evans Chicken Nuggets

Time yet again for another "favorite things" post. As we all know, kids love chicken nuggets. We never used to buy them because my daughter was allergic to corn and it's usually in the coating. I never really cared because I try to buy organic chicken anyway. One day, as if Bell & Evans knew my daughter's corn allergy was gone, this box magically appeared in the freezer at the supermarket. So we tried it.
It's tender and juicy and tastes like you chopped up some chicken into chucks, coated it and pan fried it yourself. Like REAL FOOD. There also happens to be a gluten-free variety, which is nice if you need that (personally, I like my gluten and have no plans to give it up any time soon). It also comes in tenders, breasts and patties (which are basically the same as the nuggets, just in different shapes and sizes). But like I said, kids like nuggets.

ingredients on the back of the box
frozen on sheet pan
baked on sheet pan

It would have been nice if I'd thought to take a photo
of what they look like on the inside. If you use a
magnifying glass and squint really hard, you might be
able to make it out on the photo of the front of the box.

You may have noticed that I’m obsessed with looking up words on ‘Nugget’ was no exception. But never in my wildest dreams did I expect my search would yield 123 results! (As usual, some are shall we say, on the crude side, so if you’re easily offended, don’t go there.) Actually, if you’re easily offended, you might want to read another blog (I’m not making any promises). Anyway, I didn’t read all 18 pages of results because a) I’m easily distracted, b) it’s ‘nugget’, not ‘Catcher in the Rye’ and c) I have a job. Of the definitions I did read, this was my favorite (and might I add, I’m so happy I didn’t know what this was from first hand experience):

The art of flipping someone's backpack inside out without them noticing. Nuggeting somebody requires ample stealth because if your victim catches you before their bag is completely nuggeted you must restore their bag to its original un-flipped form. In order to successfully nugget a bag you must empty all contents, turn the bag inside out, put everything back in, and re-zip the bag leaving it, put simply, looking like a nugget. When your victim finally realizes the hilarious fate of his humble nap-sack THAT is the reward in itself.

Example:  I'm going to the bathroom DO NOT nugget my bag!

A sidenote to other fans out there...Is it just me, or does practically every other word on have a definition that means slutty? I'm just sayin'.


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I printed a picture of the package and hope I can find the patties in Lynchburg. Thanks Becky

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